Feng Zhu Photoshop Brushes Pack

3 Apr

So I kinda enjoy his videos, he’s a really great guy – but lacking skill I was always amazed by what he does. He always says he uses default brushes but has a few that are custom made. I actually spent a few hours trying to get his flat brush reproduced and I did so with some relative success. I just wanted it and here it is.

Mmmm ... master Zhu brush , at last ! Skills .. later

Mmmm … master Zhu brush , at last ! Skills … Later !

I’ve included in this pack his tree brush, the calligraphy brushes he uses for sketching, a couple of chalk brushes he favours. Aaaaand that’s it I think. You can use Graphite 6 brush for sketching too if you favour a more round brush. I Actually use it for values too sometimes, really good all-round brush. I didn’t want a big pack, if someone reads this and wants my entire collection let me know. Hope that helps and remember skills are still required !

Edit: I actually forgot to include the brush pack – here it is the download  – http://scapefiend.deviantart.com/art/Feng-Zhu-Brush-Pack-363431446 . Enjoy !


One Response to “Feng Zhu Photoshop Brushes Pack”

  1. alex April 27, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    Thanks a lot!

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