Rogue One: The Excellence of Mediocrity

16 Dec

   If you get shot and fall face down, you’re still alive !

Disney plays it safe again to make a buck. A cast that feel so lifeless, you just care about the artificial. The dialogue is so disappointing, I heard better speeches  when we were ditching classes in high-school.


Yes definately, scummy looking fellas, they must be stopped. Were do I enlist ?

I wasn’t expecting much going in. No great expectations. I just wanted to be entertained. The Rebels the most diverse cast ever, but all the same taste like M&M. I was watching them bicker and pussying out of a assault and couldn’t help notice, how diverse the cast was. There was the strong black lady, and the peaceful arab, the disliked white male,the misunderstood indian, the mysterious asian guy and so on. Everybody trying to be relevant but failing miserably.


   Daddy wasn’t there …

Surprisingly I liked the heroine ( princess Jyn ) more than I thought I would. Rey ( Daisy Ridley ) was overpowered from the start, not mentioning quite the feminista. Jyn is the badass, but it doesn’t pull us out of immersion. Sure she’s looking for her father, but many of the youngsters today are, because men just don’t commit

Diego Luna,I couldn’t understand what he was saying half of the time. You won’t care what he says either, he’s just there for some whatever reason, eye candy for the ladies. Fuck if I know, he couldn’t convince me his space parents spoke space spanish. All those goddamn aliens speaking perfect english, and he’s struggling !

Anyway back to our movie. It is so boring sometimes, that you wonder if the music you’re hearing it’s appropriate for that scene. And most of the time it isn’t.

Finally they solved the complaints about Leia from the last movie. They replaced her with a young 3D model, that  surprisingly looked more lifelike that real Leia . It’s those goddamn surgeries the lady actress do to to stay relevant after 30. Do they do it for us or for them ?

The last 5 minutes of the movie are 10/10. Some beautiful shots with planets and space fights don’t really save the movie. They keep pushing the narative of the “Empire is bad” while the rebels are some kind of Space Queda.

When are they gonna make those “Evil guy wins” movies again ?


You paid for this ?

P.S Dear Disney, I’d gladly accept some kind of payment to change this review into a more positive one. On the Hush-hush of course 😉


[Censored by media] Putin talks about US elections

21 Oct

Since vice president Biden threatened Russia just a week ago, Putin answers for journalists


I’m afraid as previous interviews with the russian president are not reaching the west as they should. Is it some kind of disinterest or are these censored or looked over, who knows

In his last interview where he warns we are in impending danger and being pulled in an irreversible direction


This is happening right after the German goverment only 2 months ago told the population to stock up on water and food, and while the russian goverment held massive drills with millions of civilians

Mentally Ill people being used by Democrats

17 Oct


Even the old lady with the oxygen tank who was presumptuously punched at the Trump rally was an activist – Look below from Project Veritas Action


Video was linked on r/politics ( the default reddit with 3 mil subscribers ) and it doesn’t moves over 50 upvotes although it swings violently up and down

Also as we speak just 17350 views on Youtube although almost 16k likes . Google seems so biased


Some cliffnotes for those of you who can’t watch it right away:

  • Nasty guy Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United for Change, is recorded on camera discussing a number of unethical (and perhaps illegal) activities conducted by the liberal advocacy group Americans United for Change, in conjuction with various PACs and the DNC
  • Seems to be evidence of Democrat organizers sending instigators to Trump rallies in efforts to make Trump supporters look bad. [2:18] Foval also says that agitators are trained to instigate confrontations “in the line” rather than inside the rally where “they’re under Secret Service’s control.” [7:30] He also directly says that the agitators must receive “central agitator training” before they are sent to rallies. He also describes various agitator training programs in various states [8:50]
  • Pretty evident that there is collusion between super PACs and the DNC. He describes having middlemen who circumvent the law in order to collude. [3:10] [5:34] Scott Foval is recorded saying “The thing that we have to watch is making sure there is a double blind between the campaign and the actual DNC and what we’re doing. There’s a double blind there. So they can plausibly deny that they knew anything about it.” [6:50]
  • Discusses strategy for “initiating conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic” – Foval is referring to paying agitators to instigate trouble at Trump events here, calling their hired agitators “naturally psychotic.” [7:37]
  • Aaron Black, DNC Rapid Response Coordinator, boasts about coordinating a Chicago protest at a Trump event. Two Chicago police reporters were injured and this event got a lot of news coverage. [9:35]
  • Scott Foval admits to instigating an event where a “supporter” (friend of Foval) gets roughed up at a Scott Walker event. He also staged other people in the crowd there for a “reaction.”
  • The 69-year old women who was “sucker punched at a Trump rally” was a hired activist (a “birddog”) sent to the rally by Foval. Disgusting!
  • Scott Foval brags about hiring homeless people, and mentally ill people, to protest and agitate at various Trump events.
  • Foval calls half of the state of Iowa “racist as fuck.” Wisconsin too.

Words wound Women, Men hurt men – Leslie Jones vs Milo

21 Jul


How about the media starts reporting the truth for once ?

I have no idea how someone like Leslie Jones can claim to be a comedian and handle hecklers so poorly. Once you climbed on top of the heap yourself, you clearly should be at least decent at dealing with the public. Even more so if you are an instigator

white men.jpg

Fuck the whites basically

Even poor Drake gets some bit of lighter shade hate

drake hate

and the jews



Most of us have bad grammar, as long as it gets the message across it doesn’t matter how many typos you made. That wasn’t Leslie weakness though, sure some might see her as almost illiterate, but picking on someone’s grammar makes you seem more or less as a dork.

So what was Milo’s mistake. As an educated white gayman with obvious fondness for black men, who promotes conservative values such as religion,Trump and gender equality ( women aren’t more equal than men )  he surely knows what can get him in trouble or not


Jokes on you Milo because now people might just feel bad enough to turn this failure into a success

He accused her of playing the victim but also told her “Everyone gets hate mail” He’s basically calling her bluffs, and what does she do ? She continues.

bitch dickless.png

Yes you read that right. It’s Dʒʌɪnə

Collateral damage. A poor girl says to her it’s not nice to call someone a “bitch” “dickless” “virgin” and trying to verbally suppress their freedom of speech. Leslie quickly tells her if she can’t take the heat she can get out.

But now a lot of trolls came come out of the woodwork to pester poor Leslie

f0r a man

Top banter

so she spends a few hours getting baited into arguments, letting herself get upset by strangers even though people try to help her out

voice of reason.png

Yeah shove that advice up your ass buddy !

This starts to continue for a while and you know having some extra time really causes some people to get more creative. Some even use the accursed Photoshop

photoshop 1 lol

Notice the full CAPS she uses, already succumbing herself to desperation and paranoia


Of course she doesn’t realise it’s all a ruse and a bit of image manipulation and starts believing her Twitter account is hacked. A bit more doctored images and it really goes downhill over there, people escalating the conflict as much as they can to get an emotional response out of her.


Battle fatigue showing up

But a savior appears !

jack t

And surely enough Milo gets banned from twitter and everything is now #freemilo

Curiously enough Jack Dorsey is the boyfriend of the BLM activist Deray Mckesson

gay lovers 2

Is this considered gay treason ?

And Leslie herself supports the movement as you can see here

Now let’s be a bit serious for a moment. Leslie Jones is a big, black unattractive woman. It’s not her choice and I do believe most of people don’t hate her because of that. Now she got famous and rich and people started paying attention to her. And you can’t spew ignorance, hate and hypocrisy without expecting people to turn against you


Just follow your own advice

You cannot take seriously what strangers say about you.

Each one of us has a different value scale, and trying to fit in everybody scales would just very damaging and pointless. I noticed a trend were everybody that doesn’t agree with you gets blocked or censored. As long as it is a valid point and it’s made respectfully why does this bother people. It upsets people because it’s the truth.

Leslie Jones got Milo Yiannopoulos banned because he called her out on playing the victim and he empathized  with her situation ( hate mail )

I understand that Twitter is a private property and they make their own rules, but this global war against freedom of speech is turning ridiculous and downright scary


cyber bullying.png

For realsies yo




It’s trendy to hate Batman vs Superman

3 Apr

And you will go to see this movie looking for flaws, so let me explain you why.

Others influence us in a good way or bad way. Usually the ratings and reviews are pretty good determining if something is good or not. But usually means just that.. usually . In this case a 29% certified rotten and a 7.3 on IMDB it’s worthless . A lot of reviews are 1/10. How is this possible ? Even if this was a mute movie the visuals and the action itself would make it at least 5/10. Add the memorable dialog, the kickass music and it’ll jump some points more.

So what happened ?

A lil thing called suspension of disbelief. Directly linked to what you heard about this movie, you might be on the lookout for negative things, which directly makes you a bit more oblivious to the positive ones. You’ll scrutinize each scene carefully, and a feeling of mistrust will sneak in.

So how did this affect the viewer ?

In comparison to Nolan’s trilogy, which was more real: shaky hand held cams, aerial shots which some would say added more authenticity and realism, Snyder constructs each scene flawlessly, almost poetic. Day by day how many frames are worth remembering ? A beautiful sunset in specific day, an unexpected chain of events, the emotional reaction of someone dear. So not that many clearly not the majority. So this bugs some people, it pulls them out of their real world and they’re gonna call it pompous, and ostentatious and whatever big words you can think off that. Maybe it gets tiring for some.


nightmare batman

While you try to figure out what’s with the big spaceship in the background, try not to miss the big sign on the ground

That’s why after you leave the cinema you gonna get the feeling you kinda want to watch it again, see what you missed.

What people complain it’s the story. Seriously ? Movie it’s called Batman versus Superman ( means they gonna fight ) Dawn of Justice ( means they gonna team up at the end ) That’s 2 bigass spoilers right in the title. Watch all 4 trailers ( the last 2 trailers are a BIG MISTAKE ) and you might get spoiled more. Now hear everybody bitching about it, go see the movie all weary about the negativity and you might not like it.

So the story is predictable, and knowing superhero movies, you kinda suspect they gonna win too ( You kinda heard about the sequels too )

You know how it’s gonna end already. Imagine you’re on a date with someone you really like, someone new and mysterious – and future you comes to you and tell you you gonna have sex with that person later that night. A bit of the mystery gone, your interest dims.  The only real questions are why ? and how ?

The why  ? Why Batman does what he does . I’m gonna keep this spoiler free, but if you put yourself in Batman’s shoes for this movie, there is no doubt you understand why . I’m gonna approach only the subject of killing. To be honest I grew up watching Batman animated series, and since I didn’t really understand italian or english at that time. I didn’t get it he wasn’t supposed to kill anybody. I’ve seen Tim Burtons movies a while after and he was killing people just fine. So he kills again ? So what ? A final solution for those criminals. He’s supposed to be american so they have the capital punishment, it’s in self-defense. Why are people getting so upset about this ? Oh wait .. because everybody it’s so goddamn politically correct these days. Well Batman isn’t, his parents were killed by some arab in a dark alley, what did u expect ? 

B-b-but wait … what about Superman ? And Wonder Woman ? And Lex ? Superman it’s like trying to be this perfect do-gooder and everybody hates him. So he is a bit off and spends time with Lois doing her good and talks with his mom too like a nice son would !

Wonder Woman it’s the typical over 100 years looking 20ish chick with superpowers, so she’s flying under the radar aloof and amused.


And lastly, Lex Luthor .. He says it himself power isn’t innocent, and he uses it how he wants it. He just wants to stay on top the heap

My only advice is, go to this movie expecting a trilogy. The climax of the movie is definately the Batman vs Superman fight, and it’s hard to top that afterwards, not for the lack of trying.

Does the movie has some flaws, sure but it’s not one bit unsatisfying. The trailers and the multitude of bad reviews are the only thing that drags this down.

I for one can’t wait to see the next two Justice League movies directed by Snyder. Because this guy takes risks, sure he might not please everybody but in the end who can? And what if everybody is wrong and you are right ?





7 facts that sound wrong, but are not

27 Mar

1. Mammoths were still alive when the Great Pyramid was being built.

Most of you know that the pyramids were build around 2500 BCE, while the mammoths died 10.000 years ago.  Well not exactly, since a tiny population endured on a island in Siberia until 1600 BCE. Named Wrangel Island this uninhibited scrap of land sustained a population of 500 to 1000 mammoth for 6000 years before they went extinct.

mammoth pyramid

Another fact: 0% of mammoth population helped with this


2. There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way.

The number of trees in the world, according to a 2015 estimate, is 3.04 trillion, of which 1.39 trillion (46%) are in the tropics or sub-tropics, 0.61 trillion (20%) in the temperate zones, and 0.74 trillion (24%) in the coniferous boreal forests.

The Milky Way contains between 200 and 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets.


This moon-cycle your  Mars is in Venus, so guess what that means

3. For every human on Earth there are 1.6 million ants.

There are three kinds of ants in a colony: The queen, the female workers, and males. The queen and the males have wings, while the workers don’t have wings. More than 20,000 known ant species occur around the world, yet only 12,500 have so far been classified.


When ants fight, it’s usually to the death !


4. Permanent lag  80 ms



Personal best

Touch your foot and your nose at the same time. You will experience them as simultaneous acts. But how can that be ? Clearly it should take more time for the sensation from your feet than the one from your nose, no ? Seems like our brain waits for all the relevant input before it experiences the “now” Experiments done have shown that the lag between things happening and us experiencing them it’s about 80 milliseconds


5.  It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

Inside the clouds of Saturn is pure carbon. These solid carbon particles have to rain down and once they get deep enough they turn into diamonds. About 1000 tonnes of diamonds are raining down on Saturn each year.



“Uranus is cheap like a diamond” old saturnian saying


6. Most of the world oxygen are made by oceans not trees


Breathe deep

In every breath you take there’s oxygen from the ocean’s plants. Most of this is made by tiny plants called phytoplankton . Like all plants they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food. A byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen.

Scientists believe 50 to 85 percents of the oxygen in the atmosphere are made by phytoplankton.


Our actual hero – the Phytoplankton

7. Humans can hibernate

Potentially all mammals have this latent ability so it makes sense we have it too. This is were it gets tricky, we respond similarly to hydrogen sulfide ( sleeping gas ) as mice or others. The chemical bounds with the cells in place of  oxygen effectively shutting off all metabolic processes and significantly reducing the body temperature.



Wake me up when this century ends


1000$ for each day you don’t smoke

13 Mar

I think 100% of you smokers out there would stop smoking right now if you could get your hands on such a deal.

So realize the obvious, the will,the determination, the discipline to stop smoking it’s already there.
So there’s the problem with timing, right ? Tomorrow will be a better day, less stress, less boredom or whatever the reason you think it’ll be a better time.

Now I can’t speak for you guys, but I’ve been trying to quit smoking since 3 years ago. Hundred tries and hundred failures only showed me one thing: it’s way better to quit yesterday than tomorrow. 

Why you can’t stop smoking – The truth


   1. Procrastination   

You procrastinate, and smoking fits right in with other vices & indulgences you might have. Realize you don’t feel guilty about cleaning your house, or helping a friend, working on your side projects. Procrastination not only makes you feel bad, but it weakens you physically aswell be it directly ( You’ll start eating right/exercise from next Monday ) or indirectly  since it’s linked to anxiety and depression


   2. Mental Relief 

We’re pretty much the hero in our story. Our problems are the most important and we need support, we need our nicotine sidekick. While we smoked a cig we’d let our mind wander finding solutions and the familiarity of it all would be comforting

But did you ever smoke really angry or sad ? You’d realize it doesn’t do much. Those feelings are still there and no numbers of drags will ever make them go away faster. You ever bump your knee and rub it afterwards. It made it better right ? But when your precious psyche gets hurt … you can’t rub nicotine clouds all over your head to make it better – it just doesn’t work.

If you’re smoking because you’re bored, then it’s pretty much retarded since you don’t realise 99% that you’re smoking, you’re just doing it automatically


  3 The other fucking smokers 

If you had a power to make everyone would stop smoking with you, it would help you so much, right ? Easier to forget about it and not only that but some of them might even push you back into your own addiction. May it be malevolent or not – does it matter ? Why you fail to quit smoking is in a large part because of other smokers.

They are your friends and family and they will try to make you fail. In any way they can. Now depends on yourself too, if you were a bit of an outcast, this might harden your resolve, but if you’re more of a conformist, you might just give in.

We’re social animals, there’s nothing shameful about letting ourselves be influenced by others. Some influences are good, some are bad, some improve us and some don’t.

But what you don’t realize is that you can influence them back.  Once you quit smoking and people will see you being ok, living your life as before through good and bad, they’ll realize it’s doable. Maybe it’s because that superiority complex we all have inside us, if this person quit smoking,  why can’t I do it ?


What helped me 

   Don Draper 


This is how cool you think you look when smoking 

This guy was smoking every fucking time he was on screen. Lucky Strike unfiltered damn I had my last pack of those about 12 years ago and they tasted godly.

But the actor Jon Hamm, doesn’t smoke – each fucking cigarette you see him smoking on the show it’s some herbal shit tasting crap he just does it for the authenticity  money !


The torches of freedom 

Basically some propaganda done by some ad genius back in the days to trick women into smoking

Of course women were probably smoking already but making it accepted in public really pushed their sales.

This Monkey 


monkey stealing smoke

Mad Simians level of coolness right here

Why ? Because he’s addicted. Basically there’s nothing nourishing about a cigarette he’s just addicted to nicotine – just like you . And he’s willing do do anything to get it

 Time to break free you ape and live forever !